Hike: Triangulation Peak & Boca Cave

The weather was amazing on Sunday: sunny, clear and in the mid-80s. I didn’t make it out to Dog Mountain, but we did find another beautiful hike with my parents. We drove out past the Detroit Lake area and headed up some logging roads to Triangulation Peak.

The trailhead was pretty remote, and only three other cars were parked there. This contrast was really nice compared to the more popular trails we hiked this summer. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the feeling of being completely alone in the woods.

Most of the hike was through the forest. The trail was lined with huckleberry bushes, and the foliage was kissed with warm fall colors. At the end of the hike we popped out on top of a jaw-dropping 360 degree viewpoint, with Mt. Jefferson front and center.

The guides we read said that the hike was 4.7 miles, but all of our pedometers and GPS apps said we hiked at least 6. The Northwest Hiker website said that they do “NOT recommend the hike to Boca Cave for anyone who is not in excellent physical condition and has a vast amount of hiking experience.” I did it, so I guess you could say I’m amazing. lol. I’ve included some of my pictures from the hike below from my DSLR and phone camera.



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