October was beautiful.

October flew by so quickly. Why does it always feels like the world speeds up when it gets closer to the holidays? I can hardly believe that Will only has FOUR weeks left of school before he completes his Computer Science degree. He’s almost done! It hasn’t been easy doing this on top of working full-time, but we know it’s worthwhile on so many levels. I’m extremely proud of his hard work and commitment to finishing this program strong. This new degree has already got him promoted to a Java Developer at work. It’s so exciting to see this education take him into a new career path that brings him more joy.

Looking back, our easy-going post-wedding honeymoon period ended pretty abruptly when I got major hip surgery, resumed graduate classes for my eLearning certificate through PSU, and Will started his second degree through OSU. Now, two and a half years later, the last of those challenges is almost over! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We’re so looking forward to having more free time for adventures. In fact, we’re planning a trip to Japan to celebrate!

Here are some noteworthy albums and recipes from October:

Music Highlights

  • Tycho’s newest album, Epoch, came out September 30th. I’ve really been loving this. Will and I have listened to Tycho since early-college, yet I still don’t really know how to describe the music. It’s down-tempo electronic/ambient/synthesizer/nostalgia music. Some call is “chillwave” or “eletrogaze.” It’s dreamy and beautiful. Click here to listen on Spotify.
  • Bon Iver’s newest album, 22 A Million, also came out on September 30th. This album is a little more experimental and electronic than his previous melodic acoustic albums. It took me a few listens to get into it, but now I can’t stop. I enjoyed listening to this indie folk album as we transitioned into these darker, rainy fall days. Click here to listen on Spotify.
  • Also – I’m still obsessed with my Daydreamz playlist that I carefully curated for all your daydreaming needs, haha. Click here to listen on Spotify.

Recipes Worth Sharing

  • I love making soup! I recently made a variation of Saveur Magazine’s Tuscan bean soup with kale and squash, and it was the best.
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, I live for pumpkin-spice-everything in fall. I made the most delicious pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. There is a cakey recipe and a non-cakey recipe, but everyone knows the cakey version is superior. Enjoy!

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