Holly Jolly Holidays

November & December have been a total whirlwind. Thanksgiving and Christmas were really nice, but very busy. We got a real-live snow storm which turned Portland into beautiful winter wonderland. We threw our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at Voicebox karaoke lounge, and it was amazing. Will also finished his last courses of his Computer Science degree, so there’s been lots of celebrating. We’re excited for our newfound free weekends full of adventures and projects. We’re also very excited to spend more social time with our friends and family.

My annual Christmas cookie platters were rad this year. I like to bring them to each family gathering we go to and gift them to our neighbors. I enjoy baking a lot, especially when I can share it with others. Here are the recipes I tried this year:

In other news, one of my very best friends is moving away at the end of the week for school. I’m very happy for her new chapter and her path to a new career. Her determination and commitment are inspiring to me, and I’m super proud of her. (On the flip side, I will miss her so much! 2017 must involve some sort of shedding of my introverted tendencies. I need to meet some new people – especially as my dearest friends move away one-by-one!) On New Year’s Eve we’re going to brunch to wish her farewell. That night, Will and I made a fun late-night dinner reservation, and we plan to ring in the New Year in SE Portland. So long 2016, you’ve been a real challenging bitch. lol. Cheers to 2017! May it be full of love, light and opportunity.


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