Women’s March on Portland


(Sign credit: Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX.)

I’ve been more actively engaged in political news in 2016 than ever before. Unfortunately, being well-informed on our country’s political state of affairs this year has been very upsetting to me. It was a depressing election, and I’ve been feeling a real sadness about the impending Trump presidency and the impact it will have on America.

Will and I are going to participate in the Women’s March on Portland on January 21st, the day after Trump’s inauguration. We will march to stand up for equality and justice for ALL. We will march for all the reasons discussed in this editorial. Portland’s march already has over 25,000 people who have registered on the EventBrite link above. It’s predicted to be one of the larger branches of this march in the nation.


How have you all been holding up since the election? How are you dealing with this new reality? I had to download a meditation app to help me sleep at night for when I read too much news, hahaha. I have joined a few online forums that have been helpful, like Pantsuit Nation. I found some volunteer opportunities in my community to get involved with in the New Year. I think that in all this hateful political chaos, we have a responsibility to be the kindness that we want to see in the world.


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