I love snow. In Portland, it’s such a rare occurrence that even a hint of snow in the forecast makes me giddy. I love the way our neighborhoods transform into white winter wonderlands. I love how the snow absorbs sound and makes your own street feel like a foreign environment of sparkling bright light.

Portland is usually known for its mild weather. We typically only get pitiful amounts of snowfall that aren’t worthy of snowmen. However, this winter has been different. We’ve had three major storms of snow and ice that have basically shut down the city for days at a time. Portlanders just do not know how to deal with snow, and we definitely don’t know how to drive in it. I love a good snow day or two – but unfortunately work never gets cancelled when you work in Healthcare. The Oregonian said our current winter is the coldest Portland has seen in 10 years!

In the past month, Will and I enjoyed more snow walks than we can count and even built a small snowman of our own. This morning, there were threats of a worst-case-scenario 18 inches of snow. I hate to say it, but we were delighted to wake up to no snow at all.


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