Quest for a Sushi Burrito

Willamette Weekly posted an article on Sushi Burritos last week, and this weekend I trekked to the food carts to find one. I am a navigational prodigy, so naturally I followed an outdated geotag to the wrong food cart pod. lol. Just FYI – The Teppanyaki Hut from the article is now located in North Portland on Mississippi. I went to its old location in the Happy Valley Station Food Carts and was pleasantly surprised with an abundance of options. Frankly, I didn’t want to admit that anything cool could be in the suburbs of Happy Valley. I found Wasabi Sushi PDX that just happened to serve sushi burritos too.

heart-eyesI am a sushi AND burrito connoisseur, so I’m pretty happy that sushi burritos exist now. haha. Apparently, Sushi Donuts are the next frontier.