Get Mortified.

screen-shot-2015-04-18-at-4-29-22-pmHave you seen Mortified? I discovered it on Netflix a few years ago with their documentary, “Mortified Nation.” It’s a show where real adults read their personal diary entries from their most cringe-worthy teenage years. They have live performances all over the place, and Will and I have seen a few shows in Portland now. We went for the Valentine’s special this month. Each time we go, we laugh until we’re nearly crying. This time an amazing guy showed the audience the music videos he made in the 80s in attempt to win over the love of his high school crush. It was amazing in all its mullet-hairband glory. Sometimes people read their horrible poetry or perform the awful songs they wrote in all their teenage angst. I love it.

Would you ever read something from your teenage diary to an audience of strangers? I don’t know if I’d have the guts, haha. How often do people publicly confess to their bad ideas or how wrong they were about something? It’s great! I wish I hadn’t thrown my dairies away long ago – I’d love to read them now. I think I enjoy the show so much because it’s a hilarious reminder that the human experience is so connected. No matter where you end up as an adult, we all went through puberty. We all did a wild amount of embarrassing things until we figured out how best to be ourselves and move through the world. Check out the Mortified website and see if there’s an upcoming show near you!



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